Zoya Cherkassky (Kiev,1976)

Ruti Nemet (Tel Aviv,1977)

Israeli artists. Live and work in Tel Aviv.

1997-1999 Both studied at the Art Teachers' Training College, Beit-Berl Since 1996 Work as a pair (all the listed exhibitions were co-executed)

1999 Ministry of Culture Prize Winners' Exhibition, The Painters & Sculptors Association, Tel-Aviv

1999 "Graduates in Rosenfeld", Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1999 "Regarding Raffee", Nofar Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1999 "KRAFTWERK", Heinrich Boll Foundation, Tel-Aviv*

1999 Special presentation on the occasion of receiving the Steinman Award for Young Sculptor, Herzliya Museum of Art*

1998 "Guys: 100$ to 1000$", Nehama Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1996 "Two Scottish Boys in the Forest", Skunk?? Gallery, Tel-Aviv*